Commercial Producers. The starting point of this protocol is the applicable advice and measures from RIVM. The protocol is based on the state of affairs on April 21 and will be amended as soon as possible when new advice and / or measures come into effect. On Tuesday, April 21, the cabinet announced that it would extend most measures until May 19, 2020; in the week before 19 May, the cabinet will assess what is needed for the period thereafter.

The current ban on licensed and reporting events has been extended to September 1, 2020. Cultural activities, such

as shows, exhibitions and concerts, are prohibited until May 19. Other meetings are prohibited until Tuesday, May 19,

This protocol provides clarity to companies, clients, customers and all workers about working safely during the coron crisis in the commercial film and photography sector. It has been prepared and is embraced by the United


There are some exceptions. One of these is the gathering needed to continue the day-to-day work of institutions,

companies and other organizations. Provided that it is under 100 people and 1.5 meters can be taken between them

Movie recording is therefore covered by this exception rule.

The protocol is intended as a handle for the safe execution of work to prevent further spread of the Corona virus. From practice, there may be reason to deviate from the arguments of the parties if the situation so requires. The protocol provides frameworks and guidelines. If you have any doubts about compliance with the protocol, you must report this to your contact person for the project in question.


Do you have a cold, such as a cold, sore throat, mild cough or increase to 38 degrees Celsius? Stay home and get sick.

People with colds and fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and / or shortness of breath: stay at home. Sick out. If you have roommates, they may not go outside.

Wash your hands (with soap and water for 20 seconds and then dry hands thoroughly). Was more often!

Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
Use tissue paper to blow your nose and then throw it away, then wash your hands.

Do not shake hands.

Keep 1.5 meters (2 arm lengths) from others.

For the complete overview, check the following link:

https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nederlandse- measures-against-the-coronavirus


● ●

Check the health guidelines from RIVM in the run-up to the shoot!
Always inform your contact person in time if you experience symptoms and symptoms of the virus. Please read the RIVM rules again carefully. Also keep the contact person informed up to 2 weeks after the shoot (even if the shoot has already been) of any complaints that may indicate Corona.

Public transport takes measures to ensure that people keep their distance, for example through a door policy and agreements on traveler behavior. Come with your own transport, preferably by bike to the set, carpooling is not recommended.

Gloves are requested before entering a studio or upon arrival at a movie location. At the entrance of a studio or at a location there is a box with gloves and everyone receives a hygiene package.

Gloves are compulsory and will be made available by production. Attendees also receive a bottle of alcohol gel or disinfectant 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipes. A mask is not necessary.

Do not shake hands!
Wash your hands regularly (with soap and water for 20 seconds and then dry hands thoroughly). The set always contains enough soap, water & disinfection gel so that everyone can wash or disinfect their hands at all times.

Avoid touching your mouth / eyes / nose. Not even with gloves on.

Corona responsible: First of all, everyone is responsible for complying with the rules. To supervise this, one employee is appointed at the work location. He / she supervises compliance with the protocol. He / she


For film recordings on location, a risk analysis is made in advance, in which possible group formation of bystanders and other undesirable aspects are identified.

If necessary, a safety plan will be drawn up on the basis of the risk analysis.

Together with the safety plan, an application for making film recordings is made at the relevant municipality.
On the basis of the risk analysis, the size of the relevant film location in combination with the guidelines from the RIVM, additional measures are taken by the production.


We work with the smallest possible local crew.
Crew works as much as possible in the same teams and in the same locations, so that people do not come into contact with others every time.

knows the Corona rules and, if necessary, addresses people at the work location for violating the rules.


When filming on location, the residents of the film location must be informed more than 1 week in advance by means of a residents letter. In addition to the well-known topics such as parking, contact details of the producer, the location manager, this letter must also state which measures are being taken to work safely according to the guidelines of the RIVM and the outcome of the risk analysis.

The national government has an extensive amount of campaign resources (posters, flyers, etc.) explaining the RIVM guidelines and practical instructions on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. You can download it via this link. These posters and flyers can be used within your company and on the set.


The following applies to everyone in the Netherlands: stay at home as much as possible and work at home if possible. Many production work can be carried out from home. In some cases, people can also work from the production office where the necessary measures have been taken and advice from RIVM is complied with.

This means, for example, that contact moments are avoided where possible by means of video calls and that the number of people during the necessary meetings, preparation and / or shoot days is minimized as much as possible. The intention is to keep the crew as small as possible.

The starting point is to carefully consider every aspect of a film shoot; everything to have as few people as possible in the workplace.

The production budget, the process and the possibilities for each project are also determined with due observance of the industry protocol and the applicable Corona measures.

  • ●  Corona Responsible: First of all, everyone is responsible for complying with the rules. To supervise this, one employee is appointed at the work location. He / she supervises compliance with the protocol. He / she knows the Corona rules and, if necessary, addresses people at the work location for violating the rules. This person also ensures that the departments regularly disinfect equipment and ensures that handles / door handles are cleaned regularly.
  • ●  All persons on set must sign a letter of intent prior to production, indicating that they will voluntarily cooperate with the project in question and that they are aware of the measures taken by RIVM with regard to the Corona virus and that they have been confirmed by carefully observing these measures by signing. .
  • ●  The sound engineer is at a considerable distance from the set and the actors send themselves under the guidance of the sound engineer (remotely).
  • ●  Make-up & Styling is put on and put on by the cast itself. The makeup artist or stylist can be present and give remote instructions and take care of the preparation.
  • ●  Catering is delivered in the name of the crew member in separate bags and / or served ‘Corona proof’ behind plexiglass on your own plate, own cutlery, own place to eat at 1.5m from another.
  • ●  Crew members bring their own water bottles with their own name clearly on it.


Casting is mainly provided from online databases and / or own files and network. Any videos are provided by the cast itself under the guidance of the casting director and / or producer.

Streetcasting is currently hardly possible.
The necessary measures must also be taken for the cast to comply with the 1.5-meter distance rule. One of the possible solutions can be working with housemates and / or family members for certain scenes. But there are also various other technical solutions to come up with.

We work exclusively with local cast.
Cast only comes with the exception of young children who are allowed to bring 1 parent.
Any remote rehearsals.
During the pre-production and cast option, indicate that you will not come to the set if you cough / sniff or do not feel completely well. Follow the RIVM guidelines.


To the “SAFE WORKING ON PROTOCOL TOGETHER” the commercial producers named below are affiliated. They will make every effort to ensure and comply with every aspect of the Protocol.


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