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You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.

Branded Content

We produce o.e. (online) commercials, corporate movies, virals and music videos. We love to tell stories about brands and companies with our experience in digital storytelling.


InFocus loves telling stories. Our favorite way is by film. We produced some award winning short films. We shot two serie pilots and are developing our first feature movie.


To run a production is like fixing a watch. Everything little part has to come together. And when that happens it feels like magic. We are producers in heart and soul.


Digital storytelling is the modern art of oral storytelling engaged with a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using video, graphics, music and sounds mixed together.

Post Production

InFocus Producties has his own post-production facilities and loves to edit movies. Together with a talented group of composers, graders and motion art designers we deliver creative edits.

Video Marketing

Producing a good film is important and fun, but don’t forget to market your movie. Even with a small budget you can boost your film on social media and reach your audience.


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